Thursday, October 19

The Concert Post

Blogger, if you were the only blog host out there, I'd pull the plug on this blog right now. Are you willing me to move this circus to another host? Blogging mommies have little time to waste, especially with irregular blog service. There.

There are three of you who have heard the concert ticket story, so if you're reading this, skip to "Third" now.

The prelude to my concert ticket story is about rodeo tickets. Here goes....

Back when sis was just a newborn, we took her and her big bro to see the rodeo (nutty, I know). We sat in a line of traffic for over a half hour, only to park in a muddy field and trudge our way to the ticket booth. We then waited in line for another half hour, only to be informed (three people from the booth) that the rodeo show was sold out. We didn't know how to explain to Bud that we couldn't see the rodeo. We were told by passers-by that people were walking around selling tickets they no longer needed, so off Steve went to hunt down some tickets.

I knelt down next to Bud and asked him, "should we ask God to help us find tickets?" He nodded, and so we prayed for just that. I no sooner stood back up, the crowd dispersed, and there in the grass were 2 tickets for that night's show. I'm still amazed to this day. Steve walked up soon after, and handed me the single ticket he was able to buy. He was shocked when I told him what had happened. Pretty cool huh?

Last Friday, Steve & I took off for the Cities to see the Lord of the Rings Symphony. This required time off from work, 2 different sitters, and various other arrangements. So, we're two-thirds the way there and I feel compelled to look at the tickets. I wish I could admit to looking at them before, but it was the first time I'd taken them out of the package. This, in retrospect, was dumb with a capital d. I really should have inspected them when they arrived in the mail. What I saw, made me curse. Yes, curse. Ask Steve, he'll confirm it. I then started shaking, and tearing up. The tickets were for the Saturday show, not Friday. Not only did we have the wrong day, but the tickets were non-transferable, and non-refundable. This would have been a big chunk of change, g-o-n-e. I called the box office on the cell and talked to "Ingrid", who informed me that the show was sold out, and that the only hope for us to see the show was if there were cancellations. She said to come to the box office and wait and see.

We did check with the box office once we got to orchestra hall, but to no avail. We decided to go have a bite to eat and wait it out. As we walked to the restaurant I said, "please Lord, could you give me tickets again, just like the rodeo?" I felt pitiful asking that of Him again. I felt so selfish.

We ate our supper and headed back to the concert hall. I had a knot in my stomach and I was weak in the knees. This was such a bummer! I had looked forward to this concert, had worn out my LOTR cd's. We were standing right there, in the concert hall, with no way of getting in the auditorium. It was awful.

So, we checked with the ticket desk, one more time. Still no chance, except.....
The box office manager happened to be walking past the booth as I shared my story, for a third time. He stopped, listened to our plight, and asked Steve & I to come over to his desk. He tapped away at his keyboard for what seemed like eternity. Then, from out of nowhere, he handed me 2 tickets, muttered something about "problem seats", smiled at me and said, "enjoy the show." As Steve & I walked away from the counter Steve said, "you sure are spoiled." All I could do was grin. It was either that or sob with relief.

The tickets were for seats on the main floor, less than 20 rows back! Steve took the aisle seat, which was great for him and his long legs. I could see every musician, their facial expressions as they played, the details on the soloist's gown. It was unbelievable! These were NOT problem seats with an obstructed view. They were perfect seats.

During intermission we went and found what would have been our original seats. While not as bad as some, they would've been very cramped for Steve, and the view was obstructed by the balcony wall. I was just in awe of God's blessing!

Some people would hear this story and say, "oh you just got lucky", or scoff about God playing any part in it. I say God knew how much this meant to me. Such a minute thing in the grand scheme of things, yet He knew it was important to me. The Bible says:

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

I am a walking-talking testament to this. You probably are too! Stop for a moment and think... how many times have you been blessed by the grace of God? I bet it was today. I bet it will be tomorrow. You know what? It's every day if you're a Believer, who's put their trust in Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross! How awesome is that?! Don't you just want to shout it from the rooftops! His love for us comes down from above in infinite measure, and if that doesn't just make your heart swell up, well, what would?!

He is an awesome God!

By the way... the concert...WOW! Goosebump-inducing, heart-racing, tear-shedding, standing ovation-worthy WOW.

Last Saturday I had another opportunity to paddle with a new-found friend. Jodi & I paddled upriver from her house to the bridge near RL's Shopko store (for you locals). It was 1-1/2 hours of pretty constant paddling. There were sections that you felt like you were paddling for all you were worth just to maintain your current position, much less move up river. It was fun, and I can't wait to paddle with her again. We're hoping for a snowy day for our next trip. If you would have asked me if I'd be doing this 5 years ago I would've thought you were nuts. Now I'm pretty sure you think I am.

Here we are BEFORE & DURING. We are without an AFTER shot. I think we were too cold to think about getting one.

This concludes my marathon post. Have a super weekend!

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Jodi said...

Yay!! Pictures!

DEFINITELY put it on your calendar for the next snowy Saturday (or whatever days works for you).

I'm still so very happy for about those tickets. And not one bit envious. Really.