Saturday, December 2

The Icey Kayaking Post

This is the 4th time I've typed this post. Blogger Beta keeps eating the posts I make from Picasa. If all of that seems like gibberish to you.... nevermind. It's probably going to eat this post too, but then you wouldn't be reading this would you? Nevermind.

I have this really cool paddling buddy who seems to be able to carve out time to kayak. She doesn't bore me with excuses for not being able to go. I've heard them all too. I'm too busy. I'm not sure if I can get away. It's too cold/hot/windy/calm/rainy/dry etc. I haven't encountered the perfect paddling day yet, but I sure won't find it with my boat hanging in the shed.

So, our goal is to go kayaking in the snow. Or rather, to kayak while it's snowing. Even though this looks kind of fun.....

We've been out a couple of times this fall, but have only seen a few minuscule flakes of snow coming down. I'm pretty sure our time is running out on this endeavor as the lake appears to be frozen over, and the river is l-o-w.

Our last outing had us out on the local chain of lakes one Saturday morning with the thermometer hovering around 25 degree. It was tons of fun. I learn new things every time I head out. This time I learned about cold fingers. I see water repellent paddling mittens in my future.

The shorelines looked like this, and it was so pretty.

We found an island that had a structure built on it, so of course we had to explore! After circling the island we found a spot to land the boats. We then found a path that led up a hill to a deserted cabin.

Notice the ladder. It was handmade from branches.

I chuckle when I see this picture. The camera is propped up on my ice-covered glove, and we kind of have a nerdy-bobsy-twin thing going. We're both in our spray skirts & wool beanie hats. That's it.... we're kayaking nerds. How does that sound Jodi?

We snooped around a little more, snapped some photos, and then headed in for the day. I'm not sure about my buddy, but a hot shower & a cup of java were needed to thaw me out. It was sooooo worth it!


Jodi said...

Whoo-hooo! When I started reading this post I was thinking, "Who is this friend who is more willing to go kayaking that I am?" And then I realized you were talking about me. LOL

Most DEFINITELY I needed a very hot shower upon returning home. But I substituted hot chocolate for the coffee.

I'm gonna send people from my blog in your direction, because this is too good to keep quiet.


BlogWhore said...

Cool sport! Fellow Cheesehead here. Never tried Kayaking in the snow.

scribbit said...

That looks colder than comfortable. But fun, very fun.