Friday, December 22

Taking a Breather.

At this very moment, I am sitting in Jitters (our local coffee house). I am enjoying: a peppermint & white chocolate mocha (compliments of dear MD), not another soul in the place (except Michelle the owner), and wonderful Christmas music playing softly. With this crazy week of pre-Christmas preparations, a sick hubby, and taking care of Pop's estate stuff, I'm frazzled.

I am awaiting a phone call from home to tell me that Mudge has awakened. With that I will scoot home, collect everyone, and off we'll fly to Dad's. Speaking of Dad... would you believe he just walked through the door of the coffehouse? Seriously, he did! What are the chances of that?!

So, the kids will be camping out at Dad's house tonight so Steve & I can celebrate our anniversary, #11 today. We plan to take in a movie & dinner, and some shopping, which honestly I've had just about enough of! Shopping.... one thing I could live without for sure.

Don't tell Steve, but I plan on losing him in Borders for awhile tonight. You read that right. It will be reminiscent of our dates before we were married. We'd go to Barnes & Nobles, separate at the door, and spend a couple hours selecting books for ourselves & each other. We'd meet back at the front of the store & share our treasures. Now we're lucky if we can find time to read something besides Dr. Suess. My how kids can change your life! Aren't they cool though?

Well, there are oodles of blogs to read, and time is fleeting.

I pray that you all enjoy this Christmas season, the laughter & special moments. Remember Jesus, the wonder of His birth, and His love for you. You couldn't imagine a more spectacular gift than Him.

Merry Christmas, one & all.


Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! I didn't realize you were married less than a year before we were.

Have a great time out tonight. What movie are you planning to see? James and I used to the date night at Barnes & Noble, too. So fun!

Mommy said...

For some reason my Bloglines hasn't been giving me some updates--yours was one of them.

Glad you and Steve got some time away. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and that Jesus shows Himself to you in a special way on the day we celebrate His birthday.