Saturday, April 14

Good News - Bad News

I'm not going to ask which you want first.

This morning we lost one of our little chicks. They all seemed to be doing great as of bedtime last night, but this morning Bud woke me at 6 to tell me that 'Fireball' was having a bad dream.

Fireball was the one & only chick that Bud seemed to be interested in. Yeah, he laughs at Big Mama, and takes notice of the cute things that the others do, but Fireball was his.

Sure enough, Fireball was not doing well when I made it into the kitchen. She did appear to be sleeping & dreaming, but I knew better. So I held her until the end. I am thankful for the life lesson that the Lord provided there. It gave Steve & I a chance to talk to Bud about a topic that doesn't happen to us everyday.

Fireball will be joining our past pets (Peanut the guinea pig, Gus & Sam the dogs, and Squirt my cat) in a burial ceremony later this morning. So please keep my kids in your thoughts this morning, as this is hard for them.

On a much lighter note.....
The barn swallows are home! Every year we keep our eyes peeled to notice their return. They arrived this morning, within 1/2 hour of me telling hubby that it wouldn't be long before the swallows would be swooping down on the cats as they strutted across the yard. Robins, barn swallows... Now we eagerly await the hummingbirds.


Mommy said...

So sad about Fireball. It made me want to cry--especially Bud's assessment of the situation. Glad you had some good fowl news, too. :)

Jodi said...

Aw, Bummer!