Monday, April 16

Step away from the wine glass....

Today was one of those days that makes me want to run away and join the circus. Or really, just run away, 'cuz the circus sounds like too much work.

There really wasn't anything in particular, except maybe Mudge yelling, "NO MOMMA!" about 10 times, on the drive to Eau Claire today.

Or maybe it was trying to shop at Target, which I don't normally do & don't know where anything is at, with Mudge running off & hiding on me.

Or maybe it was Mudge standing up in the shopping cart the mili-second I stepped away to get something out of the freezer case. I could visualize her falling in slow motion, out of the cart, and having to take another helicopter ride, with another daughter, to the big city hospital.

Or maybe it was that I didn't have my coffee this morning. Eureka! That's it! I had semi-considered cutting back on coffee, but if today is any indication as to what a coffee-free day is.... I do believe I'll switch to espresso, thankyouverymuch.

At least 'til she grows out of this terrible 2's. sigh.


Jodi said...

Oh dear. Good thing you get to start over today. Hopefully the new day will run more smoothly. If it doesn't, we can lock the kids out of the house and go hide in the closet.

By the way, you should ask my mom about her experience with children and a shopping card. Think: Herberger's. Five children under 6 years old. Tippy shopping cart. You have to hear her tell the story--when I have bad days I try to remember that my mom survived. ;)

Mommy said...

Is it possible that Mudge drank the coffee that you missed?

We love our two-year-olds, but aren't we glad they didn't come as twins? :)