Friday, April 6

Weekend Plans - take 2

We are finally getting together with a family for supper & games tomorrow night. Not sure why we haven't done it before, but no matter, we're doing it now! Our kids are all roughly the same ages, us moms are Divas together, and the dads are our support team who are finally getting to meet each other. It should make for a fun evening!

Sunday, of course, being Easter, we will be celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! I look forward to worship service & pastor's message.

Sunday evening will find me tagging along with my brother-in-law Chuck to Minneapolis. We're going to see Chris Cornell in concert at 1st Avenue. This is really a treat, as I have always enjoyed this man's music, no matter what band he was in. Very, very excited here!

Then on Monday, our family is off to Ashland to visit the Northern Great Lakes Center. We have some research to do on Bud's 4th grade Wisconsin project. We've been hoping to get up there since it first opened, and what better time to do it.

Well, that's it in a nutshell. I will post pix of this weekend once the dust settles.

Really..... God bless you all. I hope you sense His presence this weekend.

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