Thursday, May 24

Runneth Out

Last week I was able to get my rain barrels set back up on their stands, hook up a downspout, and repair the gutter. Just in time for Rain, Glorious Rain!

This morning, between downpours, I went out to check on the critters and nose around the garden & yard barn. While out, I remembered the rain barrels. Curious about their fullness I wandered over to find one completely full, running over. A welcome surplus, considering how dry it's been. I found the other barrel to be completely.... EMPTY!? What in the world?

I bent down to check the water spigot that hubby had installed in the barrel bottom, and guess what I found? Yep. The spigot was turned to the "open" position, and every precious drop of water had escaped the barrel almost as fast as it had been collected.

I know there must be a life lesson there, and I'm sure the Lord will bring it to my attention just as soon as He thinks I'm ready.

In the meantime, I had a good chuckle.

And yes, the spigot is "off" and it's earning its keep this very moment.

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