Wednesday, August 15

an open letter (maybe one of many to come)

to whom it may concern:

if you should choose to display a picture on your cell phone, maybe a pic of all of your g-kids would be best, instead of just one of them.

that way, if someone should see said picture (with raised eyebrow) you won't feel compelled to explain it away by saying it's been on said phone for 3 years. g-kid in said photo isn't even 3.

also..... claiming that said photo's only been on there 3 years isn't really going to help your cause.

it's only more telling.


molly said...

Oh, Tammy.
I'm so sorry.
Aren't you glad our Savior doesn't pick favorites? :)
Pick up the phone anytime...
I love you!

Anonymous said...

Of course our Savior had a favorite - James.

But that was before He became our Savior.

But then He said we should forgive everyone. Even those who have a picture on their cell phone we don't like. Even those who raise their eyebrows.

Tammy said...

Interestingly enough, Anonymous, you assume that the picture itself is the problem, when really it's a symptom of a much larger one. One that the phone-owner doesn't want to acknowledge, or take any responsibility for. One that, when mentioned, is thrown back in your face, turned & twisted to make you the bad guy, the offender.

And yes, we are to forgive everyone. Forgiveness is given here. My hope is that the Forgiven will someday stop using the forgiveness they think they should receive as license to speak and act without regard for others feelings.

Whew! All that.... and I haven't had my 1st cup of coffee yet!