Wednesday, September 19

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Some days I wouldn't mind disappearing as if I had, but alas, we are still very much here at Anderson Adventures.

Back when I became an official blogger, one who posted regularly, I determined that most of my posts would be for me, so that I could look back and recall what the kids had done, places we'd traveled, funny things they said, etc. If posts made little or no sense to the faithful reader, I wasn't really concerned. I just wanted this blog for our remembrance.

Sadly, most of my last few posts are just fluff, and I'm going to try to avoid this from here on out.

The posts may come with only slightly more frequency, but I am determined to write again. Aren't you lucky? LOL.


As I type this I am reminded of something that I've wanted to share with you for a couple of weeks. Remember that we are the proud owners of 14 chickens? Well, back in April we thought we received all hens. Imagine our surprise about a month ago.... Why, one of our hens is sporting bigger tail feathers than her sisters! And much thicker legs! And lonnnngggg flowing neck feathers!

I present to you:

FABIO, the guard rooster.

He hasn't crowed at dawn as far as I know, but he'll let you know when someone pulls in the driveway, or if the kids are playing on the jungle gym, cause boy, that really ticks him off when the kids are havin' fun.

I'll leave you with what you might hear if, heaven forbid, you ventured near the trampoline to have any fun:

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Anonymous said...

What a surprise! I love FABIO but couldn't play much of the sound due to doggie reactions.