Sunday, November 18

Tragic Choice in Priorities

Last night the hubby took me to a fantastic Peter Mayer concert. We thoroughly enjoyed the 3-hour concert, but that could be a whole other post.

The tragic choice in priorities that I'm referring to is that of the driver in front of us in the parking garage. His bumper sticker, on his fancy-dancy Mercedes SUV simply read "Keep Abortion Legal". I could stop right there, and have given you all the facts you need to know. However.... this ignoramus, and I can call him that, as this is my blog, also had a MN license plate designated for the Critical Habitat plan for wild animals.

So, let me get this right. You are fully supporting the murder of unborn babies, in addition to fully supporting habitat for animals whose endangered status is critical?

Maybe what's messed up in you your head, fella, might also explain what would possess you to slap down huge amounts of $$$ for nothing more than that glorified Ford Explorer you had your nose stuck up in.

rant over.

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