Friday, January 18

Things Rattling Around Upstairs....

1) How many layers do I need to keep warm this morning out doing chores?

2) Thank you, God, for our warm house, and all of our warm blankets! Oh! And wool socks!

3) What are the chances I won't need to go into work tonight? Will people really be out in 45-below temps, just to go out for dinner? Well of course they will silly... this is Wisconsin!

4) Is it too early to be fretting over my garden seed order?

5) As soon as this cold snap is over (May?), I'm going to need to put my kayak in. I'm having withdrawals.

6) I wonder if I should be concerned that my chickens are still producing a dozen per day. Don't they know the books say they should have cut production down some for the winter?

7) What project, of the multitude available, should I tackle this weekend? Maybe that basement pantry.

8) Thank you, God, for the good people at Apple, for inventing my iPod, which is saving my sanity. Now, if I only had a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds!


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