Friday, January 30

Joys of Homeschooling

You just never know who (or what) is going to show up to class in the morning.

Love it!

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Thicket Dweller said...

I love it, too! When my olders were younger, it wasn't unusual to see a child at the table with a chicken on his/her lap!

Anonymous said...

To Mom Diva.........Meet the real Diva Generation!! Can hardly wait for M. to "blow your socks off" at Sis's age. Can't even image your antics if you had been home schooled..(oh yes I can...scary thought...there the thought is gone..I feel much better now!!)

Love Ya,


Mommy said...

I know why she and Boo are friends. :)

Rach said...

I love the wig! Can I borrow it? :D