Monday, February 2

Waiting to Exhale

You know that feeling you get when you jump off the dock, or side of the pool, into really deep water?

You had taken in that last, deep breath and leaped!

And then there's that period of time that you're under water, feeling a little anxious about getting back to the surface.....

Go ahead, close your eyes, imagine it for a moment, I'll wait.

If that water was deep enough, you'll kick to get back up, just break the surface, let out a huge breath, and then take in a huge breath. Whew! What a relief it is to be breathing again!

That underwater feeling... that's where I'm at right now, but I sense the surface drawing near.

We found out today that Steve's resume for the Colorado job has finally left Denver and has been forwarded to the hiring office in Gunnison.

We also found out....He's made the cut, and in the running!

I will be so relieved to exhale.

Please pray for us.


Mommy said...

I'm still stuck on the underwater part. That's about the only time I get slightly claustrophobic--when I'm underwater.


I will continue to pray. I'm so glad that you're able to pursue this dream!

molly said...

Praying that whatever the outcome you'll be breathing again soon! Geesh, I'm worried about you! :)
Love you.
Praying Daily.
When I read your posts I can hear you... and I really, really miss you. It was so good to have coffee.. Wow... Was that a week and a half ago already?
I would love to have you pop in for a day. :) If you need a quick trip out of dadge for a day- Give me a call? :) You're ALWAYS welcome. Love ya- Mol.

Rach said...

:) We'll keep praying! I can't help but hope he gets it. What a beautiful place to relocate!