Monday, February 9

Always Good for a Laugh

Steve just reminded me of something Mudge said months ago.

It was during the bedtime routine, and she was supposed to be brushing her teeth.

I watched her wet down her toothbrush, ignore the toothpaste, brush her teeth, rinse, and then put away her toothbrush.

I asked her if she had forgotten anything. She paused, thought a bit, and said, "nope!"

I asked, "well, what about the toothpaste?"

She replied, "I don't like this toothpaste. It freaks me out."

So, now Steve & I have a running joke that if you don't particularly care for something, it "freaks you out".

That Mudge is always good for a laugh!


Thicket Dweller said...

Too cute!

Mommy said...

So, this is where Boo gets it!

The other night she and Bird were sleeping together. Bird was hiding under the covers, and Boo didn't like it. When she told Buddy about it, she said, "Bird is freaking me out!" We laughed about her vocabulary, but now we see she got it from her friend.