Tuesday, April 7

16 - 18 Hours & Counting


I have no idea how to describe the events of the last few weeks; but here we are now, counting down the hours until we head west.

Today I hired a total stranger to drive me & my pony to hubby's cousin's. Twister will board there until we can trailer him out west. This was a very interesting truck ride. She was on her cell phone 90% of the time, which was probably good. I had no idea what to say to her. I think it's safe to say she's led a pretty rough life. The tattoos all over her forearms kind of tipped me off...

Let's move on...

So, Twister arrived at Cousin Darrell's and once he was out of the trailer I do believe he'd thought he'd died & gone to horsey heaven. There in the pasture stood about 6 or 8 mares. He whinnied, he snorted, he pawed at the ground! He made a complete fool of himself, all while they stood there thinking, "well, he looks & sounds like a horse, but he sure is short!"

Then, after dark I very carefully carried 17 chickens from the coop and, wait for it....

Loaded them all into the back of my Jeep!

No cages, no boxes, just Jeep. Off we went to a dear friend who is going to "chicken sit" for us until we decide how in the world to move them. Bless her heart.

It was a very interesting ride too. They seemed to calm down when the radio was on, and were all lulled to sleep once we arrived.

I then carried 17 chickens, in the dark, to their new coop.

Tomorrow is the last full day I have to prepare the boxes that are going with us on our 1st trip west. Thankfully I only have to pack a "vacation" amount of clothes for me & the kids. Hubby's full dresser & closet got emptied out today. That was very weird, packing all of his clothes, & not mine.

So... now I sit. It is dark & quiet, and I am so very thankful for that leftover bottle of wine from our outing on Saturday night (thanks K8).

And for all of the naysayers that said Steve would never get everything cleaned out & cleaned up before he had to go....

how does 42 tons of scrap metal - GONE - sound to you? Dare I say it? It's almost spotless out there now! He did do it! Thanks to one wonderful cousin & one lifelong friend, whom shall remain nameless, lest they get big heads : )

My next post will likely come from Gunnison, and juuuust might contain a few pictures.


Anonymous said...

I've always said there was a "book" waiting to be written inside of you. Go back years and get to this point and you will be on page 250.

Twister's a "Happy Camper", chickens want to move into a Jeep with 24/7 piped in music..this is what best sellers are all about.

As the hours count down to leaving for your trip, just stay calm, focused and travel safely! And by all means stay in touch and send pictures!!

Love You All,


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