Saturday, April 11

One Day Down-One To Go

Well, I'm posting from the pool room at a Best Western in Omaha, Nebraska.
The kids are enjoying some wiggle time, while Steve is out in the parking lot installing some fuel injection gasket of some sort.

I thank God all the time that he is a mechanic! Where would we be if he wasn't?! Well, on this trip we'd probably be sitting in a Ford dealership lobby, while our truck was being repaired for an ungodly amount of $.

Come to think of it... we wouldn't be making this trip if he wasn't a mechanic. It's because of his skills that we're moving to Gunnison anyway!

The trip so far has been great! If you don't count the truck injector issue, or the, um, flat tire on the camper, or almost causing a multi-car pile up on the 4-lane off-ramp (so as not to miss our ONLY exit for the hotel near the Ford dealership.

In all seriousness... the trip has been good. I'm terribly sick of travel food, and will be stopping at a market this morning for PB&J fixin's, apples & bananas. The only stops will be for leg stretches & potty breaks today.

We're shooting for Fort Morgan, CO, which is in the north-eastern corner of the state. Then its a short 6 hours from there to Gunnison. I cannot WAIT to see the Rocky Mountains. I could drive all day in them! Wait a minute... most of tomorrow will be mountain driving. I'm looking forward to it, but the gas mileage is sure going to take a dive : (

Speaking of mileage... my Jeep is getting excellent mileage pulling my little VW Scirocco. I'm getting a whopping 17 mpg! I don't get that normally. I suspect the Jeep is happy to be heading west!

God knows I am!


Jo Girl said...

Wow! sounds like your trip has already been exciting! I'm so looking forward to seeing pictures. :)

Mommy said...

I imagine that your Jeep is looking forward to some REAL terrain!

I've been thinking about you guys a lot and praying for your travels. Thanks for the update!

DayPhoto said...

Once you leave Denver you will get MOUNTAIN DRIVING! And snow and blizzards and traffic and WELCOME HOME!


Rach said...

Me too! Praying and Pics!! :D