Saturday, April 18

More Pictures!

Blogger was freaking out on my last post, so I quick posted it before I lost it.

The pictures resume...

This is another shot from Monarch Pass. Right before we stopped here, on the uphill climb, a dog walked around the "slow" lane for awhile while I honked at him to move. However, there was no where for him to go. The snow banks were ginormous! The next thing I knew a skier flew out of the treeline at did a quick stop on top of the snow bank & called for his dog. It was unreal!

We arrived on Easter Sunday, and being the basketcase that I was that weekend, I spaced out Easter baskets. My dad & stepmom came to the rescue though! Easter treats hidden in the camper. They loved it, can you tell?

The day after Easter we went for a walk around our park. This is on the shores of Blue Mesa.

I caught sight of a jet-trail shadow. It was amazing! Can you see the shadow on the mountain, and then the reflection on the water? Wow.

More to come....

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