Saturday, April 18

A Quick Picture Post

Well, Steve went exploring with the kids today, so I headed west an hour to the big town of Montrose. Did a mammoth grocery shopping at the superstore, and then quick found a place with wi-fi.

This is a nice treat after being with the kids in an apartment for most of the week. We did go exploring, but to have some alone time is wonderful.

Quick before I forget... Last night during bedtime prayers Mudge thanked God for Mommy. Now this is so sweet in itself, but then she went on to explain that it's because I protect her from being eaten by bears & crocodiles! She is such a hoot.

Speaking of Mudge, here she is dressed as Tinkerbell for her dance recital.

Both of our girls really take their dance classes very seriously. It will be something that we'll have to locate in Gunnison as soon as we get settled. Here is Sis with her dance troupe. The are doing a jazz number to a Jungle Book tune.

This next picture is what I saw for most of Nebraska, when I wasn't staring FOREVER out my windshield. How my kids can read & listen to tunes simultaneously is beyond me!

After the white-knuckle drive up Monarch Pass, we stopped at the summit so I could hug Steve, and my trusty (rusty) JEEP. Everyone should own a JEEP once in their life. They are awesome. Mine managed to haul my Volkswagon up that mountain, without skipping a beat.

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