Thursday, August 13

Better Than No Post At All?

If there's anyone out there still checking in here, that's not reading me at Facebook...

(note the new western accent, although I'm continually asked what part of Minnesota I'm from!)

You would be amazed how many people know where Chetek, WI is! People clear out here in Gunnison have heard of Chetek! crazy.

Lots going on here; and really, I have no idea where to start, so I'll just dive in...

My dad is arriving today & staying for 5 days! Our kids are so excited they can't sit still. They are waiting for the phone to ring, which will alert us to his departure from my original hometown of Colorado Springs. Then commences the hourly countdown 'til Papa rolls into Gunny.

We have a trucking company looking to buy our commercial property in Chetek. However, the bleepety-bleep town board is frowning on our desire to lift the spring road ban on a measly 300' of road leading to the property. So, the buyer will probably look elsewhere. This will be our 4th lost sale.

Bud is hoping to join Boy Scouts in the near future. He attended their Knot Rodeo this week & now knows 4 different ways to tie you up.

Steve is still loving his job. The man is plumb tired at the end of the day though. We rise at 5 am & have him commuting by 5:45. It's a lot earlier than we're used to getting up, but I do like that quiet time before the kids get up.

I gave Mudge a new haircut last night. Pretty short & really cute. I lifted her up to the mirror to see it & she just grinned. I asked her if she liked it & she said, "I like it Mom. I thought it was going to be annoying." I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. What a card.

Sis has mastered the climbing wall at the Rec Center. Each run is harder than the first & she can do each one equally well, even the expert level run. I'm so thankful for the harness system she wears while climbing, she's like a little spider climbing up that wall & then she just lets go & zips to the floor. Have I mentioned my grey hair...

Steve & Bud will be heading back to Chetek during Labor Day week to empty our shop. Then they'll turn right around & drive the bus back to CO. The girls & I will probably spend that time camped out somewhere in the Elk Creek Wilderness. Nothing like an all-girls campout!

I'm looking forward to the end of my run at the local supper club. It's been nothing but a soap opera. Backstabbing, lying, gossip, etc. The pay is good & the commute is super short, but I just can't stand working in that mess. The new managers are over-the-top, ego-maniacs. Heaven help me....

The park is on the downhill side of the summer season now & some of the seasonal staff is packing up & moving on. It's kind of sad. All these neat, interesting people from around the nation will be gone until next summer. It will seem like a ghost town here around the staff housing.

Well, Dad just called & we have just 4 short hours! Better scoot!

Enjoy your weekend!


molly said...

It's so good to hear about your "goings on." :) Miss you, Tam. Can't wait to come see you!

Rach said...

All girl camping? You brave, brave, brave soul. I'm totally looking up to you right now! :D