Thursday, August 27

High Mountain Gardening

Apparently, Blogger ate my pictures yesterday. So here is another try....

This is my wee garden, in our wee backyard.

The rocks are native, gathered by my tribe.
The antler was found near other skeleton parts, not far from our back gate.
The pepper plant is producing!
There are about 6 tomatoes growing, not visible here.
The mint tastes great in ice water, tea, or a mojito.
And I have no hope the squash plants will get with the program before frost, which could come next week.

You never know at 7700'


Wee Garden Update:

We were able to use one of our own-grown tomatoes last night with BLT's. And they said I'd never grow a tomato in this climate! We paired it with our own-grown bacon from last year's pigs. It was wonderful. Not everyone in the family is a tomato fan like me. I think if it were left up to them they would have eaten BBB's (bacon-bacon-bacon).

We picked a very stunted green pepper 2 weeks ago, and I should have 4 very small zucchini soon. The summer squash just flowers pretty, no fruit. And the mint has been overrun by the zucchini.

Overall, I would say the wee garden was a huge success, but to feed this family I may need to turn to greenhouse gardening.


Thicket Dweller said...

Can't see the photos! Waaaah!

Mommy said...

We just had BLT's with fresh garden tomatoes two nights ago! With watermelon on the side, it was a great, late-summer meal.

Yay for gardens no matter the size!

Can't see your pics for some reason. :(

Anonymous said...

Seems to me Greenhouse gardening in Colorado means......higher elevation...closer to the sun...ah hah. That's the Ticket!!!

But the "Wee Garden" did the best it could do. It had special tribe rocks hand picked & stacked, antlers, and the love, and tending only you could give them. I think it was a huge success!!

Love you & Miss you so much,


Rach said...

I'm up for the BBB with the kids! :D