Monday, November 23

Update: Nov 2009

Facebook has commandeered my blog time...

I vow not to let this blog go, so here's a quick post/update.

We fell in love with a property, tried all summer to make the purchase happen, but so far it appears that it's "not to be".

We found a much smaller, altogether different type of property that we are planning to use as a stepping stone. Buy it, get out of paying rent, build some equity in it by making easy improvements, flip it in 2 years. In the meantime, we are hopeful that our Chetek properties sell & we can use the funds to eventually buy mountain land & build.

I applied for 2 part-time positions. One is with the Division of Wildlife as an admin assistant. The other is a bookkeeper for a local property management group. Neither has made a decision on the resumes, so I'm waiting to hear back this week.

The kids are still homeschooling. We're tweaking the structure a bit, as Bud needs more & more in his day, while Sis & I are perfectly happy with the pace set for her. Mudge is coming along nicely with her alphabet, has known her colors & shapes for years, and loves to read a book back to you once you've read it to her. It's uncanny how close she comes to the actual text. It reminds me of cousin Karin's Linnea when she was about that age.

Steve is still loving the job. He's looking forward to plowing snow, which should start happening with some regularity soon. I heard the plows this morning.

We are involved with Boy Scouts, ice skating, rock climbing, youth group at church, and making inroads into our community & church. We love it here so much, if only we could get settled in a house.... it really would help. We still feel like vagabonds. We are spread out between 2 mini-storages (20 minutes away), our moving van (bus), and various closets of boxes. Six months is far too long to still be digging through boxes to find stuff. But I know that we'll look back on this, shake our heads, and chuckle at it. (Remind me of this please).

We are visiting my Aunt Kay and Uncle Marty for Thanksgiving. My cousin Courtney will be home & it will surely be nice to relax among family again.

I just can't think of another thing at the moment, so I'll leave you with just a sampling of what I have to endure of the Anderson sense of humor. In our home, Steve's sense of humor prevails.

Just last night Bud said something typical "big brother" fashion to Sis. Whatever it was it was pretty condescending. Steve piped up & said, "Hey, don't talk to your sister in that voice." Without skipping a beat Bud absolutely repeated himself word-for-word...... in a Darth Vader voice.

See? See? Intolerable! Right?

it was pretty funny, I had tears running down my cheeks...


Marti said...

Miss you guys and your humor! I hope you feel "at home" for the holidays, even in cramped quarters.

Thicket Dweller said...

Cute. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update! I know the housing situation will work itself out ...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love you.

- K8

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Yahoo...Whoopee...The Blog Mom is back..oh how we have missed you!!!

It may seem as if everything to do with property and a home of your own, is so frustrating!! Indeed it is, but it will all come together, you'll see.

All the "positives" in your blog out-weigh the negatives!! At the end of the day..we all know what's on top of the list and what can be dealt with tomorrow or the day after if necessary.


Anonymous said...

I too have neglected my blog due to facebook. :( Thanks to the update. I love and miss you much.